Daily Patrol

Started by UBS


Once again Kor rises with Coruscant Prime for his daily patrol. A quick in and out of the refresher before donning his signature blue Senate armor and the Hapan is ready to depart the Senate Barracks. A musing thought fills his head as the turbolift carries him towards his destination "Will today finally be the day I see a little action?" As the turbolift grinds to a halt and the doors swish open the familiar sights, sounds and smells of Coruscant welcome him back to his daily routine. Stepping off the turbolift he is greeted by a dozen different races, some recognized and others completely unknown to him as he begins his patrol, moving South towards Menari Spaceport. Nearing the aged spaceport Kor spots a pair of spaceport guards, signalling the first stop of his patrol.

Approaching the pair, Kor recognizes them both and greets them by name "Tim.. Alex, how is guard duty today?" with a hint of a chuckle in his voice suggesting a jovial expression could be hidden under his shining blue helmet. After exchanging some witty comments and a few jokes with the pair he takes out his datapad and marks the first checkpoint of his patrol 'complete' saying to the pair "Alright, boys.. Stay safe and I'll see you next time" before moving on towards the transit station.

Entering the transit station Kor flashes his Senate identification to the attendant and moves through the turn-style free of charge as the turbo-car roars to a halt at the platform. Blaster rifle in tow, Kor patiently waits for the disembarking passengers to file out of the Turbo-car, thinking to himself "Busier than usual today" Boarding the Turbo-car coupled to the drive car, Kor briefly inspects the droid operator and remains standing near the boarding doors, taking hold of a hand bar that runs the length of the passenger car and gripping it tightly as the Turbo trains rushes out of the station.

As the Turbo-car screeches to a halt all the passengers lurch forward slightly and quickly file out as the doors swish open revealing the grandeur of Monument Plaza. Kor ponders to himself as he does everyday upon seeing the towering statues that line the avenues of Monument Plaza "Is this really what I signed up for?" Without answering himself the armor-clad Hapan moved along the avenues with haste, stopping at each guard post like clockwork and leaving them behind just as quickly. This section of Coruscant wasn't known for much crime but never-the-less a patrol had to be conducted to satisfy his superiors in the Galactic Senate.

Another leg of his patrol complete, Kor re-enters the Turbo-car and is rushed away towards the Skyline district and quickly deposited at the Skyline Station, from here the remainder of his patrol will be on foot. Moving through the crowded city streets a host of races are present, Rodians, Verpines, Humans , Twi-lek and even Wookiees can be seen. Moving to the last and most favored leg of his patrol Kor enters the Botanical Gardens, the only place on Coruscant that offers him a taste of his home-world through the different flora on display. Rounding through the gardens with his normal gate he slows slightly to take in the scent of the beautiful Hapan orchids that have finally come into full-bloom. A bitter-sweet feeling sets in and just as quickly Kor heads for the gardens exit.

Finally the Senate building is once again in sight as Kor proceeds up the Avenue of the Core Founders towards the Grand domed structure. Stopping at a security terminal Kor quickly uploads the completed report detailing today's patrol and heads towards the mess hall for some chow. A disappointed look can be seen on his face as he removes his shining helmet upon entering the mess hall. Another day with no action he thought to himself as he filled his food tray with breakfast.