"Familiar Sting"

Started by Syion


The old Bothan’s hands ran along the hull of the Lancer Class Star Frigate, as he approached the boarding hatch. The ship was familiar, uncomfortably so. Syion adjusted his now aged Republic Navy uniform, wishing he had ran into an engineer before accepting this run. A cargo hauler by trade, the Bothan simply rolled his shoulders and lowered his head.
The days of his war now over, the grizzled old veteran pilot sat down in the Lancer’s pilot seat, exhaling softly as he ran his hands over the controls. The old ship, the old pilot. He had flown this Lancer several times, under a different flag. His pre-flight checklist complete, he flipped a switch and felt the ship begin to hum as it lifted gently off the ground. Gentle hands lifted back on the controls, bringing the nose of the Lancer pointing toward a safe orbit. He glanced over to the radar, and started plotting his course. He’d preplanned this flight, something simple to get himself familiar with the cargo lanes once more. In his Orbit, the old Bothan stared blankly out the window for a brief moment before sliding the hyperspace lever forward carefully.
He hadn’t expected all these old feelings to come rushing back all at once like this, but it actually felt quite nice. He was no longer the Admiral Trevian, but flying his old cargo hauler made him feel like he still was. The Hutt said he could hire more pilots, too. Just like old times, he could prepare patrols and secure Senate space of the pirates they had mentioned. First, he needed a fleet.The stars began to screech to a halt as he entered real space. His first delivery of this route, Syion merely plotted the course and reacted to the controls in near muscle reflex.
The Hutt had warned him of pirates, and he intended to get his cargo there safely. Good tactics and careful planning would make sure of that. “If I can run cargo during a war, I should be able to handle a few pirates.” Syion thought aloud. He did more of that than he used to, a smirk dancing on his lips. He aimed the Lancer toward the planet. Moving commerce had always been a specialty of his, and he preferred it, really. Maybe peace would be worth his time….