2020 and Beyond

Started by Drozel


Hey, y'all, I have graduated and now have more time to devote to the game. I've been talking with the other Immortals in our group chat and we have been throwing around ideas. We are setting up a Discord channel and want to get y'all's input on the direction the game takes. I just want to get the discussion started.

How do y'all feel about starting over the timeline?


Well in the Star Wars bracket we are still ranked pretty high in mudconnector somehow, I believe I remember you saying you were intending to switch stuff over to a new dnd 5e base, donno if that's still the intended plan but if so it couldn't hurt to advertise that. Maybe try and talk some people into coming back. If we get a presence on the mud maybe we can get people to come and stay which would be great for RP and also for the life of this mud


The switch to 5e is definitely on the roadmap at some point. A lot of development would be required and I don't see it being released before 2020 is out.

Obviously, the main thing we need is more players. We can do almost anything with more players. I'll be talking to whom I know to see if they'd be interested in playing. Personally, I'm going to schedule time to be at least online. My tentative availability is Mon-Tues 7pm to midnight CST, Fri-Sun 10pm to midnight.