Movement points and costs

Started by UBS


Currently stamina is basically unlimited and characters regardless of class never get tired, you can spam all over Coruscant and have endless battles without ever running out of movement points.

Currently there is no difference between noghri and hutt when it comes to movement.


The idea I'm currently mulling over is more or less a form of action points where the difference attacks cost movement points instead of lag(this actually affects MUD performance). I considered having second/third attack halve and third MP cost of skills. Not many details.

You have any ideas?


Getting rid of the lag and charging the player moves is a great start! Can it also be applied to the lag that comes with carrying high weights?
Majority of actions by players are physical in nature and could cost MP.
How many rooms should a character at max weight be able to cross before getting tired?
How many rounds of combat should a character be able to endure before tiring?

Ubba with 100 weight only pays 2 mp per move/battle round , giving over 500 moves/battle round , which seems high.

Maybe less total MP or higher costs or both?