Serious Bug: Mob Combat Stats

Started by Drozel


So I've discovered a pretty serious bug that has a very large impact. It's been a bug for five years and went largely unnoticed. All mob stats hitroll, damroll, and armor were not calculating correctly and were vastly decreased. An example would be Wil Liush, a supermob. He is currently at 5/6/-99 for HR/DR/AC. He should be at 25/26/-252. Granted, most of the supermob damage output was through scripted attacks and not dependent on it's stats, but other mobs are definitely affected.

I will be fixing this bug in the future, but before I do, we will be testing it heavily on our staging port. I will be looking at the equipment scrap rules as well since it will also be affected by the change and that issue has also been brought to my attention.