Space Ideas

Started by Drozel


This thread is for ideas for improving space.

I'll start this show: remove z coordinate. Now, this literally removes a dimension from the game, but I have some good reasons. It's completely ridiculous to represent three dimensions in text. Another issue is that planets within a star system are generally within the Galactic plane. Removing z would increase the chances of encounters in space(feasible blockades, meaningful asteroid fields) and allow us to graphically represent a star system(in both ASCII text on the MUD, a Google-style map on the website).

Less thought-out ideas: gravity well generators, fleets, ship mods.

Thoughts? Other ideas?


Comm jammer
sensor jammer
escape pods
asteroid mining for raw commodities to sell in the cargo system


Ship mods. Have these created by engineers, allowing for a more versatile platform of mods. Basically, speed, hyperspace, fuel, cargo, and missile mods that will allow for increases in those areas, at the cost of another for balance. im not sure how i feel about comm and sensor jammers just because i like having slicers in the equation, just to keep a nice balance. maybe having like "spikes" that slicers can craft to jam sensors and comms, scramble systems for hyperspace and stuff?