Inside the Hive

Started by Grahk


His three fingered bug-like hand skittered across the screen of his datapad. With a clicking noise out of frustration he sat back in the smooth bantha-hide leather seat. Grahk had been hard at work with his latest designs, but recently his focus had been broken. He missed the Homeworld. Spending time on Nar Shadaa had been fruitful, many successful partnerships were madeā€¦but to what end? Would he truly be able to build the life he desired for himself on the Smuggler's Moon?

The Verpine inhaled deeply, a shake of his head. He must return to his work. His new business was dependent upon his ability to design, develop, and modify spacecraft. In order to do that, he needed to design one. After all, the Hutt wasn't paying him to be idle. With significant consideration, Grahk finally lifted himself off the back of the chair and hunched over his datapad. He once again emitted a few clicks, possibly only slightly less frustrated, he once again continued to inspect the blueprints of the Queen's Gambit. His mandibles flexed across his "face" as he pressed a button on his wrist-mounted datapad, and spun his chair around to view the Holoscreen. The emitters sparked to life, and the Ship was on display for him to see.

He laboriously raised himself from the chair, standing on his two toes and fluttering his eyelids for a moment in concentration. His hands reached out, as if to grab something from the hologram, and it expanded on the engineering deck of the ship. This would not do, for him. He knew what the Hutt wanted, though he may not have agreed, he would provide the exact same service he was accustomed to giving. Another flick of his fingers, and back to the blueprint. His design would require to be flawless, no matter the cost. No room for error.