Kashyyyk, Dosha, and the Fate of the Empire

Started by Drozel


The hologram flashes a bright Imperial logo before it cuts to a robed man. "I did not intend for the Imperial Army, and Navy, to be under your command. We had an agreement, you are to stick to it or I will sit on the throne I was supposed to and make it so. The Imperial Army and Navy are to govern themselves, they will not be reforming into a Galactic Defense Force. This was not the agreement, nor the treaty. Follow the treaty Chancellor, or I will make you." The cloaked figure bows his head and waves the camera off.

Chalia smirked as he heard the hologram's words echo in his mind. Leon Rhade, or whatever he calls himself these days, had thrown a wrench into the plan Chalia had spent months writing. He had talked with Ubba, the sponsor of the Restitution Bill, and other Moffs and military personnel about how best to make the transition. He had crafted a Charter that should be acceptable to both the Senate and the Empire, but now?

"Who knows?" Chalia muttered to himself. A low growl emanated from the small office's other occupant, a tall, dark-furred wookiee, a warrior. Chalia's attention turned back to the datapad in his hand. He reviewed the proposal line by line but he knew the Trandoshans would not accept it. He nodded to the wookiee, "Thanks, old friend. I'll see what I can do. There may yet be peace."

The wookiee gave an affirmative growl and inclined his head slightly before turning to go, ducking beneath the low door. Chalia sighed and leaned back in his seat gently rubbing his temple. He still had no clue about the affair between the Wookiees on Kashyyyk and the Trandoshans here on Dosha. Both sides seem to have forgotten the origins of the conflict and neither had any real desire for peace.

The wookiees had asked Chalia, who had a good reputation on Kashyyyk after helping rebuild from the Burning, to intervene during the initial renewal of the conflict. It took months and a Star Destroyer to stop the raids, but the reprieve was only temporary; the Trandoshans simply switched to smaller raiding parties and attacked with less frequency. This prompted revenge raids from Kashyyyk.

"Chalia… I told you so," Ainm's voice echoed in his head. It was Leon who had trotted out that old recording when he declared the end of Imperium. It was those words that persuaded Chalia to vote for Leon in the first place. For all his talk of wanting to prevent the Sith from destroying the Jedi again, for all his talk of going after Nevaryn, when he finally had all the means to back up his words, Leon disappeared.

Maybe the Jedi Order needed to be destroyed, maybe the Empire needed to be dismantled, but for Leon to put the brakes on everything, Chalia did not really have words to describe it, but then, perhaps Chalia should push his proposal through. Yes, if Leon were really intent on stopping it, he would.


A low hum is heard from the engines as the Hutt Caravel streaks through hyperspace, it's destination is the ecumonopolis of Coruscant at the heart of the Core systems. A hastily planned and unexpected trip for Ubba the Hutt as the Senate recalls all Senators to address the recent statement given by the absent Emperor 'Leon Rhade'. Over a year has passed since the Moffs had elected Leon to replace Vanzel and the throne has remained silent until now. Braking from hyperspace the ship lurches slightly the intercom crackles to life, the pilot announces "We've entered the Coruscant system setting course for the Senate Landing Zone"

Departing the Hutt Caravel, Ubba the Hutt promptly gives his servants instruction to ready his penthouse in the Grand Towers, he knew he would be remaining on Coruscant for a while, before heading directly to the Chancellery in search of the treaty mentioned in the Emperor's statement. Ubba ponders to himself "What treaty is the Leon referring to and why has the Chancellor kept it secret from the Senate?" Pouring over the Chancellery databases Ubba the Hutt carefully studies the legislation governing the Imperium, looking for any evidence to support Leon's new found opposition.

After hours of review and deliberate inspection of all wording and phrasing of past 'Grants of Imperium" the answer became more and more clear and Ubba the Hutt couldn't help but to admire the actors of time in what appeared a grand drama. With a broad grin Ubba the Hutt murmurs to himself "They've stolen it and nobody even tried to stop them" The aging records revealed that of the numerous Emperors to sit on the throne only one ever had legal authority and all others were 'Pretenders' and no where in the grant of Imperium was there a mechanism to create a new Emperor, the powers of Imperium could only pass to the Chancellor by a vote of the Senate.