Started by Mihaku


So I don't know how anyone feels about this but we have a lot of negative press in the biggest mud finding website that I know of (only one I know of actually). I was thinking we might benefit a lot from a change of name because of all the bad press from previous owners. Also there is a lack of available ships for new people that do try to play, it might be time for a ship pwipe of people who have not logged in at least 6 months


I've authorized the immortals to clear up some ships, so if you have one you want, let someone know.

But as far as the rebrand goes, it probably won't happen. I'm actually thinking of, after I graduate in May, building a new MUD based on LotS, from the ground up. I want to keep most of the areas and stuff, but with everything balanced from the start using D&D 5e rules* with the Hyperlanes conversion book(which is pretty sweet, btw).

  • completely legal to use the mechanics so long as we don't promote it as D&D, etc.