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Lights flickered amongst a backdrop of stars outside the large transparisteel windows of the Star Destroyer's bridge. They jolted back and forth seeming to dance around one another as they grew smaller with the increasing distance.

"Squadron is clear, sir," one of the watch crew told the watch officer, whose response did not reach Casval's ears. Casval seemed to ignore all around him, as if caring only for the stars. Though he stood at ease, his bearing was every bit of attention, and while many under his command were ready, even eager, for action, their Admiral's patience never seemed to grow thin.

"A ship is leaving hyperspace, Ton-Falk class, the Memory," the operator reported, "Requesting permission to land, sir."

"Sir?" the watch officer looked to Casval whose gaze was still held by the stars. A simple nod was his only answer. Many minutes passed before the bridge's door slid open and the sound of the guard's armor clinking as they came to attention.

"Grand Admiral Casval Ral, exactly where I'd expect to find him," Chalia said, chuckling loudly as he closed the distance between him and the old man.

"Moff Ciryatur the Elder," Casval replied still not moving, "What brings you from your fiefdom to the Outer Rim?"

Chalia smirked, "Come on, Casval, we're family now. Can't I come to visit?"

"This is a military vessel on a mission," Casval glanced to the other man, "Unless you have come to return my best pilot, I am not interested."

"Actually, I didn't borrow her, and you ain't asked for her back," Chalia shrugged, "You've been out here preparing for this attack and running drills for over a year. What's a little longer?"

"Your business?" Casval asked plainly, turning to look back outside.

"I know you received a copy of the proposed Charter," Chalia said, crossing his arms, "But you never replied."

"I'm a soldier, Chalia. Politics do not interest me."

"No, you're not just a soldier," Chalia said, placing an arm on the old man's shoulder, "You are a Moff, you were the Emperor. Your opinion matters."

"The Emperor-" Casval started.

"Leon's not really the Emperor, Casval," interrupted Chalia, "He has as much right to command as Taryn does… or Ridak."

Casval's gaze slowly turned to Chalia, his face hardened, "Mention that name again, and you will share his fate."

Chalia threw his hands up and took a step back, "Sorry. I-"

It was Casval's turn to interrupt, "I am tired of your games. I will not be cajoled to perform for you."

"I reckon I'll just go then. When you're ready think for yourself, let me know," Chalia shrugged and turned to leave.

Casval returned to the stars. Only when Chalia had stepped through the door did Casval reply, "There is one thing I would have you do for my support."

Chalia's hand stretched out to stop the closing door, "Yeah?"

"Do you remember the proposal I made before the Council some years back? Get it passed through the Senate."

"The ban on civilian capital ships?" Chalia asked. "That's a tough sell, but we'll see," he smirked as he disappeared behind the closing door.

"We shall see indeed," Casval said to himself before returning to his thoughts.