New Orders

Started by UBS


Finally the day he had so long anticipated and trained for had arrived. He thought to himself "Just remember your training and you'll be fine" as he read over the newly delivered orders. Orders he had heard were coming but now he had confirmation, he is headed to the Outer Rim for his next tour of duty. While preparing his kit for the long journey he carefully packed his duffel, including all the items he wasn't sure he could easily obtain in the Outer Rim and once full he zipped the giant bag shut in one quick motion, nodding to himself with reassurance that he had everything he wanted. He knew it would be a challenge adjusting to new people and customs but he was confident his time on Coruscant had equipped him with enough of the basics to get along.

He had just enough time to make it to the mess hall before his scheduled departure and so he filed into the crowded chow line for what he jokingly told himself was a last meal and just as quickly as he came he was gone, ready to begin the long flight to the Outer Rim. First stop is the beginning of Hutt Space in the Y'toub system and he knew there hadn't been an official Senate Patrol this far out in years and he was determined to carry out his orders to the letter no matter the obstacles he may find before him. Telling himself "Be professional, be sharp, be diligent" as he finished prepping the aged Republic transport Kor boarded the old Defender Class Carrier knowing any mistakes could mean the difference between success and failure.